She’s Here!

I really wanted to blog yesterday’s events, but with all the chaos and being drugged up, I couldn’t muster up any energy to type. My labs came back yesterday morning worse than they had been. My levels were nowhere near normal. The ultrasound showed no significant improvement in the amniotic fluid levels or the diastolic pressure, that had been displayed on Friday. The doctor made the call – I was only getting sicker and baby had to come. I had started to feel really sick Saturday night, but hoped it was just from being in bed. Turns out I was feeling sick because my body was making me sick.

The nurse came in to prep me and tell me they would take me back in the next hour or two. I was so distraught. And so excited. And so emotional. I would have to think on what was going to happen for the next hour or two.

Then more nurses came in, the anesthesiologist came in, and they had me prepped and wheeled back to the OR in about 20 minutes time. I went from being worried about having too much time to think about it, to not having any time to think about it. I think it’s better it happened that way. I was overcome with all sorts of emotions. They wheeled my bed down the hallway and all I could see were ceiling tiles and lights. I kept picturing a medical drama television show. Once in the OR, they administered the spinal. That was uncomfortable but not near as bad as I thought, and it took no time at all to take effect. Everyone was explaining things to me, checking on me, and trying to get me more relaxed. Brent came in the room and sat at my head – all dolled up in his “bunny suit”, operating hair cover, and mask. I could only see his eyes, and was so appreciative he was there to hold my hand.

They started the surgery and so many things were racing through my mind. Within 8 minutes of the first incision, she was out. Doctor H held her up so we could see – and little Haley Laine Kleppen started screaming and hollering and fussing – it was the greatest sound I could have ever heard. They got her cleaned up and showed her to me one last time before they took her to the NICU. I was in the OR for another 30 minutes being stitched and cleaned.

When I was being wheeled back to the room, there was a whole crew of nurses and staff who were outside the NICU wanting to get a peek at our little girl, and waiting to make sure I was alright. Everyone here was so excited for us. They do this every day, and yet they were still excited and concerned for us. It was incredible.

Haley was 2 pounds, 12 ounces, 15 inches long. She needs minimal respiratory assistance…she only has oxygen tubes in her nose – just like her mommy right now. They were talking about giving her a PIC line today so she could receive more concentrated nutrients since her IV spot is a bit inflamed. She’s doing so well, and I can’t hardly believe Brent and I have a little girl! A beautiful baby girl, with a full head of hair that looks like it will be curly!

Almost eight hours after she was born, I finally was able to show my strength from recovering from surgery and the spinal, and they wheeled me to the NICU. I got to hold my baby girl. She’s so small, but honestly she is bigger than I pictured. She held my finger and made the cutest little faces, trying to get her tongue around the tube they have down her to keep air out of her tummy. I cannot even tell you what it was like to finally spend time with her and hold her and kiss her and tell her I love her. I know she heard me because she has these cute big ears!

When I came back to the room after holding Haley, I slept – solid – for hours and hours. Between the adrenaline crash, the meds, and the events of the day, I couldn’t do much more than sleep. I am hooked up to Oxygen now, but they unhooked me from the IV and I’m starting to feel a little more like myself.

This post is a bit random, and I apologize – I just can’t stay focused enough to follow an orderly chain of events. Haley is doing great, we are encouraged, and God’s hand has been at work in this entire situation. We had hundreds and hundreds of people praying for us and supporting us, and it has been an exhilarating and humbling experience. This little girl is something special – I am just thanking God for His care and provisions and for our little Haley Laine.

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