The Simple Things: A Really Big Deal


Today was a lovely, weird day.

I’ve got a strange tickle in my throat and some uncomfortable pressure in my ears. I chugged special tea and slathered on my essential oils, though, because we had stuff to do today.

Little Miss had a dentist appointment this morning and we had to head to town, but not before I put bacon on the skillet on the stove, then walked away and completely forgot about it. 

It smells like I diffused “burned bacon” essential oils in our home…

After I got the smoke cleared, we had our usual circus of trying to get shoes and coats on and get people out the door.

Why is this such a complicated ordeal? Shoes. Coat. Out. But no, it’s one shoe, telling stories, running away, losing hat and gloves, losing the second shoe, whining, sitting down, running away again – what just happened?

Three days later, when we finally got into the mamavan, we headed to town. I took my exit and we came upon four vehicles crunched up under the underpass.

From the looks of it, people were heading to work and didn’t make it in light of their vehicles being decimated by concrete pillars and other vehicles smashing into them. Not a great start to their weekend.

We prayed everyone was okay, and I prayed a special thank-you. I know I am thankful for it often, but not having a commute to and from work is a really, really big deal for me. Especially now, living out of town.

We had but five extra minutes, so I swung through the cemetery to check on Harlynn’s spot.  It was sweet to hear Little Miss say, “It’s pretty here” as we drove around.

There is a strange beauty about the cemetery. You don’t enjoy going there, but you can’t help but enjoy it, either.

From there, we made it to the dentist’s office where Little Man was the most exemplary Little Man I have ever witnessed. He played quietly and respectfully in the waiting room for an entire 30 minutes. I was floored.

We loaded back up into the mamavan and headed to Costco.

Why? I don’t know. But once we got there, there was no turning back.

I found the closest parking spot I could, which happened to be in another zip code across the parking lot, and we hurried through the below-zero temps to get inside under the blast of hot air in the entrance.

Once inside, I set both kids in the seat of the cart, which was hysterical. Little Miss is not that little, and it was hard to see over her while pushing the cart, but it’s still easier than having her keep up with me, or her taking up valuable cargo space in the cart itself.

After eating all the samples and answering all the questions, we headed over to grab a bite for lunch. That was frustrating.

Every table was taken up, and you can’t navigate your carts through the aisles between the tables, so when you have a cart full of food and two young children in tow, it’s not worth it.

Totally not worth it, but we did it anyway.

Afterward, we hurried back to the parking lot to trek the 17 miles to the mamavan and get it loaded up with our haul.

I set Little Man’s lemonade on the carton of eggs in the back while I loaded everything else, then promptly forgot about it and closed the hatch door.

And drove away.

We were about six miles down the road when he asked for his lemonade.


At the next exit, I pulled over and ran to the back expecting a huge soaking mess when I opened the hatch, only to find the lemonade had fallen down at such an angle, and was held in place with just the right pressure, it didn’t spill a single drop.

I couldn’t believe it.

Once back in the driver’s seat, handed Little Man his lemonade and he excitedly thanked me. I told him we needed to thank God, however, because there is no way a full cup of lemonade should have not spilled when carelessly left in the very back of a mamavan. Little Man smiled and said, “Yeah…God is so great.”

He really is.

Then it hit me – all the joys of the day were simple things.

A reminder of how thankful I am to work and school from home.

A sunny drive through a peaceful cemetery (complete with wildlife viewing).

A well-behaved child in a dentist’s chair, and a well-behaved child in a dentist’s waiting room.

A fun time in Costco.

A lemonade miracle.

Super simple things. But not at all little. They were very big deals to me today.

We have the freedom to schedule appointments when they work for us.

My children do listen to me once in a while, and I (really, really) needed that tangible, visible reminder today.

Costco is crazy at lunch time, but we still managed to get a table (at the last possible second) and enjoy some chit-chat after grocery shopping.

I did not, in fact, have lemonade-soaked groceries or van interior.

All very simple. But all very big deals.

Sometimes, it really it the simple things that make for a great day. But just because they’re simple things doesn’t mean they’re little things.

I was so thankful to come home today after the morning we had, and even with me not feeling 100%, once again reminded of how every detail of my life – simple, little, complicated, big, or otherwise – matters to God.

Not always do the details end up working out in my favor, but today was extraordinary.

Thank you for keeping it simple today, God. 

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