Sixteen Weeks

My belly has made an appearance. It’s hard to bend over. Roll over. Walk upstairs. My entire center of gravity has begun to shift. And it’s hilarious.

I’ve started to feel like myself again. I mostly have energy – though by Thursday evenings, I’m ready to be done with the week. I can eat just about anything, and aside from the bladder interruptions, I’ve been able to sleep fairly well at night. There have been a few sleepless nights, but not as many as I anticipated. Ziggy has been exceptionally kind to mommy, and will be rewarded in life as a result. Though someone may have to remind me later that I said that.

The one dramatic change I’ve noticed – aside from the enlarged body parts – is my mood. If I start laughing really hard, I can’t stop. I laugh so hard I cry. I’m not just talking I shed tears. I actually cry. As in my mouth curls, my shoulders shake, the tears aren’t from laughing. I cry. When I start crying, I can’t stop. Every emotion I feel is exacerbated. If I’m happy, I’m really happy. If I’m tired, I’m really tired. If I’m annoyed, I’m really annoyed. And if I’m mad – y’all better duck for cover. God bless my husband.

My appetite has changed. I get really hungry but end up not being able to eat very much. Two pancakes fill me up. A single cheeseburger. Three slices of pizza instead of five (or more. And those of you who know how much I love pizza realize three pieces is n-o-t-h-i-n-g.) I am hungry about every three to three and half hours. This has changed, as I was hungry every forty-five seconds a few weeks ago.

As Thanksgiving approaches I am super excited about my parents coming to visit. I haven’t seen them since September, and they of course have not seen the baby bump yet. I imagine within the next four days it will define itself a bit more. I’m cooking and am so grateful I have the energy to prepare a meal of that size, and to have people over to my home to enjoy it! This second trimester thing is amazing!

So without further ado….here’s the belly. And might I just say that taking these pictures is a lot harder than it looks.

3 Replies to “Sixteen Weeks”

  1. Yay for the baby bump! You think the center of gravity is noticeable now. Just wait until the *waddle* hits. Then is becomes totally hilarious for others to watch…lol. Wait until you start knocking things off the counter and table with your belly! My nights have been tough lately as I'm really popping out now @22 weeks. I'm in bed right after I put Christian to bed at around 8:30pm. But it's a medical fact that you will be more tired with subsequent pregnancies.

    Best of luck with Thanksgiving. We are cooking here and hosting as well and I'm looking forward to it! I have lots to be thankful for! *Hugs*

  2. Ahhhh, the gloriousness that is the 2nd trimester. I always told people that if I could walk around 6 months pregnant at all times and never have to deliver, I would do it in a heartbeat. Think about it, people are extra nice to you, you can blame the moods on hormones, you get to wear comfy clothes, and eat whatever the baby is hungry for. That is good stuff! You look glowing and gorgeous!

  3. So, I hit the enter button when I was actually trying to hit the shift key to type in my name to submit that last post.. sorry!

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