A Little Spotlight On Val

I suppose you could say there was a momentary spotlight on Val.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a video call with a gal-pal from my Fargo days. Once upon a time, I submitted my wordsmithing contributions to her when I was writing for the InForum Parenting Perspectives column.

(That reminds me, Tracy & Mary Jo – remember our “Writer’s Guild”? Thank you for the times we met up… those are cherished memories tucked away in my heart!)

For an entire hour, Danielle and I chatted about what was different with my life, versus in 2016, when Michelle and I were the cover models moms for a local magazine production talking about the beginnings of Harlynn’s Heart, and of a friendship I’m forever grateful for.

She was doing a follow-up from that article, and frankly, I’m surprised for how much I chatted and how little I saw her taking notes, how well she depicted our conversation in print.

The article she was working on was published yesterday. Before Danielle could let me know via email, I had text messages coming in from friends in Fargo telling me they saw me in the paper.

The texts flooded in over the next several hours, and what a treat it was! I never was very shy having a little spotlight on me.

I suppose I should go ahead and link to the article already so you can read it, too. I’ll save my mind mumbles for another post. Here’s the article.

2 Replies to “A Little Spotlight On Val”

  1. Val – so happy to have found your site through this, and YOU again too!! Glad to see you are happy and doing well.

    1. So great to hear from you, Mary Jo! I’m able to make time to write some again, so that’s been great. I don’t know how relevant my content is, but it’s fun to sit down and hammer some out again, regardless. 🙂

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