Spring 2023

One day spring will come. And we’ll be ready, by golly.

We had a blizzard last Friday. Fourteen inches of fresh snow blew across our hilltop like it was shot through a pressure washer.

Then, believe it or not, 11 more inches of snow and another blizzard arrived four days later.

Hilltop Homestead: Taken April 5th, 2023

Elusive Spring

We’ve had a few beautiful days, full of sunshine and warmth. I’ve even shared about how I can feel/see/smell spring in the air. Those days have been short-lived, however, and are immediately followed by an angry, selfish winter that does want to give up its grasp on the Great Plains.

I started seeds the first Saturday of March, and there are plants brimming over with life on a shelf in my basement. Outside, however, there is frozen ground hemmed in by deep snowpack, not welcoming to plant life in the slightest.

The nights are still well below freezing, and the days barely break above it.

Spring is an elusive season currently.

Hope For Greener Pastures

While spring may be in hiding, however, we’re not letting it slow us down. I have grand plans for the best garden ever and can hardly be bothered by some lingering cold weather. I’ve a fence to prepare for building, manure to prepare for receiving, and new life to prepare for raising.

Sometime soon, hopefully within the week, we’ll set up the incubator and hatch our own chicks this year to add to the laying flock. If we time it right, they’ll be no more than a couple of days old by the time I bring the turkey poults home.

Surely by that time, spring will be in full force. Trees will be budding, grass will be greening, the ground will be thawing, and garlic will be peeking above the soil line…

A Time For Everything

Just as Ecclesiastes 3 so plainly states, there is a time and place for everything. Even while we pine for spring to arrive outside, there is plenty else to keep us busy.

Hubs and I started our “gazelle intense” journey to stewarding our finances better. (If you know, you know.)

We’ve got envelopes and a budget and a plan… and dreams. We’ve been debt-free twice before, and it was super easy to accomplish both times. All we had to do was sell our house.

This time, however, we actually have to work at it (’cause we’re not moving again) and boy, is it work.

But it’s time to start being serious with our finances. It’s that season of our life when we can’t be anything else.

We’re wrapping up the homeschool year (five weeks left!) and I’m already getting excited about the next school year’s curriculum. Before we start that, though, we need to finish this year strong and take a break from books to work hard in the dirt.

It’s that season of the year when we rest from one hard work to enjoy another.

Spring Dreaming

We’ve got some winter cleanup to do yet, but the forecast looks promising. There’s always room for another surprise spring blizzard to rear its head, but we’re dreaming of warm, sunny days in the garden.

We’ve got trees to plant and a garden to start. Chicks to hatch and a fence to build. Manure to spread and roots to establish.

Today might not feel spring-like, but I know it’s coming. And I am so ready.

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  1. I am so, so, so ready for spring too and I know it is just around the corner. It has been painful getting there this year!!!

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