Spring and Big House on a Little Prairie

big house little prairie spring

I may make this observation every April, but it seemed like the cold was going to hang around forever, and the snow storms would just keep coming. This winter seemed so. long. Thankfully, the cold relented and gave way to spring.

We haven’t been in #bighouseonalittleprairie for quite a year, so I’m enjoying experiencing the seasons here for the first time. The onslaught of blackbirds this spring was a bit of a surprise, but I think we’ve all learned to tolerate each other for now. They’ll be gone soon enough and we’ll have our yard back to share with the robins, sparrows, and mourning doves.

This past weekend as a pretty incredible one, worth noting for me. Saturday, while I was planting onion sets and trying to figure out where our impulse-buy-seed-potatoes will be planted this spring, Hubs was working on replacing the busted window in the chicken coop, and the kids were enjoying the sunshine and the family day outside.

In true Val-fashion, I had an idea that warranted acting on right at that moment. I asked Hubs if he would be in favor of planting a few fruit trees in our side yard, since our plans for the back haven’t happened as we hoped they would… yet.

I called around to a few places, and decided we had to get bare-root fruit trees from a certain nursery (40 miles away), and we didn’t have much time because it was currently 3:30 pm and they closed at 5:00. Hubs agreed, I threw on some “town clothes” and we were off.

We hauled the kids out to a beautiful, incredible nursery and purchased our four fruit trees: two apple, two pear. We loaded them in the van, and the root bag was all but in my lap in the front seat, while the tips of the branches were at the hatch door in the back. It was an interesting ride.

We supped at my favorite restaurant for dinner: Chik-Fil-A. I jokingly wondered aloud to  Hubs about whether Spotify has a Chik-Fil-A station (and they do!), and after every bite of chicken sandwich deliciousness or of waffle fries dripping with  Chik-Fil-A sauce, I praised Jesus. Chik-Fil-A = Church.

We eventually got home, unloaded everything, and long story longer, the children were falling apart. I ended up giving Little Man a bath at 9:15 and it was sometime after 10 when Little Miss finally stopped wandering out of her room to update us on how difficult it was for her to fall asleep. Lord, have mercy…

Sunday we were not only on time, but a few minutes early for Sunday school, which never happens. We had a good morning at church, I had packed us all sandwiches in a cooler before we left that morning, and we munched on lunch on the drive home. Everyone was fed and ready to roll when pulled up to the house, and this might be a summer-Sunday tradition now.

Hubs and I worked on getting the fruit trees planted while the kids worked on testing out Little Miss’ new scooter, playing catch, learning how to hit a baseball, and a whole host of other outdoor activities.

The weather was just right, and the dirt was just wet enough to stick to every part of us as we dug new homes for the trees. We were completely filthy, but also totally fulfilled.

We fed freshly dug grass clumps to the chickens, who found grubs and worms and all kinds of spring goodies. We enjoyed our time outside even as we worked our tails off, and we now have fruit trees which over time, will provide us tasty treats for years to come.

It was while I watched the sun set that evening, admiring my new fruit trees from my front window, a stark realization hit me.

It was one year ago when I was recovering from major surgery while we were living in #littleapartmentontheprairie. Now, I’m up to my elbows in fresh dirt, planting fruit trees, feeding chickens, and loving every minute of our spring – and our life – at #bighouseonalittleprairie.

What a difference a year makes.

I can’t aptly express how much joy I have when I work outside (or inside for that matter!) our home, when my arms are covered with dirt from an afternoon of spring planting, and when I can sit back and watch a gorgeous sunset while my son snores on the sofa next to me.

The weekend was exhausting but exhilarating. I am so thankful to live where I live, to have who I have, and that Hubs occasionally goes along with my wild-hair spontaneous ideas and plans.

Big House On A Little Prairie… I love it here.

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