Strange Ways We Stay Healthy

I should say to me, these ways don’t seem strange at all. In fact, they’ve proven incredibly effective.

For a bit of historical background, you’re reading a post written by a woman who, in high school, had a friend who called her “Ebola Woman”. Not because I had Ebola (praise Jesus) but because I was sick so often and for such lengthy periods of time, that this friend figured he might as well nickname me after the worst disease he could think of.

Lovely, right? So understand where this is coming from – I’ve been sick a lot, and conventional things didn’t seem to do the trick in keeping me healthy. Hence, I’m more of a hippie now than you might realize, and these ways are anything but conventional. Traditional, ancient even, yes. Conventional, not even.

January of 2019, I was hit with the flu that was the hardest 72 hours my body has wrestled through in a long time. Hubs came down with it a couple of weeks later and wrestled with it for around 10 days.

But since then… with the exception of some sniffles and a scratchy sensation in the back of my throat, I’m happy to say I’ve not been SICK. Which, coming from Ebola Woman herself, going that long without being knocked down and out, is an incredible record.

So how have we done it? How have we stayed healthy?

These methods might surprise you. But our family is a testament to their effectiveness. This isn’t everything we have in our health-arsenal, because you probably don’t care, and I don’t have the energy to go into detail about food, chiropractic care, soap, etc. So here are the things you may find interesting at the very least.

A few disclaimers:

1. I’m NOT saying we never get sick. We do still get sick, and that’s normal. And fine. The kiddos even had the stomach flu earlier in the year (which we remedied with activated charcoal and grape juice, and they were over it in no time – wahoo!).
2. I’m NOT giving you medical advice. I’m sharing our story, because I love to share, and I love stories, and this is a fun one for me to re-tell.
3. I’m NOT saying this WILL work for you. I’m sharing that it has worked for us, which is awesome. We’re all different, however, and different things will work differently for different people. That’s part of the beauty of our uniqueness.

So here we go. Buckle up. And get ready to dig in for your own research, and get that heat pack ready to put on your neck for all the head shaking you’re about to endure.


Ossellohwhatnow? How can I describe these? They’re like tiny little pellets of colorless rainbows and unicorn tears. I don’t know how they work, but I’ve yet to have a full three doses before I feel better from taking these. The kids don’t mind them at all, and also only have to take 1 or 2 doses before feeling better. At the onset of cold or flu symptoms, we pop these and are on our way to feeling better, especially in combination with our other remedies. I trust the ingredients, and it has proven mightily effective for us.

Elderberry Syrup

For so long, storebought elderberry syrup did nothing for us. Zilch. Nada. All these people I knew were swearing by it, but it wasn’t helping us, and I didn’t see it was worth the expense – or the hype. I gave up hope on it.

Then we started making our own. Now I swear by this stuff as passionately as those others I didn’t believe initially.

One Tbsp a day for adults, two if you feel something coming on. We’ve been taking some nearly every day since October, and it is a powerhouse. I hope I never need to purchase any from the store again – homemade is the way to go, both in cost and in its effectiveness.

Vitamin C

We take a lot of vitamins, all different letters. But Vitamin C is an absolute must, and during this winter especially, we have taken more than just one a day. We consume it heartily, and it’s beneficial for sure. There are all kinds of illnesses and ailments that extra doses of Vitamin C are proven to dissipate. If there are any must-haves in your medicine cabinet, different forms of Vitamin C should be taking up its space.

Homemade Bone Broth

We had the advantage of raising and processing our own meat chickens this last summer, so when we have used up the meat, we make a batch of bone broth (and we even use the chicken feet for this… so gross, I know, but so powerful!). We use broth in all kinds of cooking and meal prep, but we also have it on hand to heat up and drink when we’re feeling something coming on. There is age-old lore about chicken noodle soup having healing properties, and the broth is a big part of this.

We add a pinch or two of salt to our cup of broth to make it a little more palatable before we drink it down, and also to add some extra mineral nutrients. Bone broth is good for more than warding off illness – and I encourage you to stock your cupboard with this homemade staple!


This one may come as the most surprising to you – it certainly was for us. When I see something that piques my interest, I tend to go pretty deep in verifying the claims, and this was no exception. What’s more, is potatoes are so easy to come by I didn’t see any harm in giving it a go.

What happened next was both hilarious and convincing.

This is a fairly recent development, but I can now say with confidence: when we feel something coming on and that we’re about to battle an ailment, we slice a potato, put one slice on the bottom of each foot, put a sock over it, and sleep. Dear gracious, I just admitted it. In print. We sleep with potato slices on our feet.

I want to clarify when I suggested this to Hubs (after hours of looking into this myself), his immediate response was, “No. I’ll probably catch a disease from the potato.” I love that man so much, and he makes me laugh so hard – especially when he’s super serious.

He relented, however, and we tried it. The first time we did it, the next morning held a huge surprise. All our potato slices, with the exception of Little Miss, were disgustingly blackened. Little Miss only had a little black around the edges of her potato slices.

Oxidation? Temperature? Combination? Crazy coincidence? Or, dear gracious, was there something to this?!

We didn’t know. What we DID know was that Hubs and Little Man slept amazingly well, Hubs had super vivid dreams, and Little Miss and I felt pretty full of energy.

The next night, Little Man requested potato slices. Adorable, and also strange. But what the heck, we gave it a go a second night in a row. He had suddenly had some sniffles, so why not? We rallied a second night with the potato slices.

The second morning, my potato slices and were basically clean as a whistle. Hardly any discoloration at all. Hubs had one foot better than the other. Little Man’s were exceptionally filthy, worse than the morning before. And Little Miss had opted not to have potatoes in her socks.

We gave it a third night. We were in full out scientific experiment mode. Also, suddenly, potatoes in the sock have become a preferred sleeping method of Hubs and of Little Man. The third morning, Hubs’ were the cleanest they’ve been yet. Mine were also hardly changed at all. Little Man’s were in far better shape than the previous two nights, and Little Miss, who had been battling a sore throat and temperature the day before, had FILTHY potatoes.

I’ve gotta say – it’s fascinating. And, at the risk of you never taking anything I say seriously ever again – it’s effective.

And all of us felt amazing during the day. Hubs all but swears he has never slept better than when he’s used the potatoes. Little Man wishes to count it as part of his bedtime. I’m over it – until I feel myself coming down with something again. Then you’d better believe I’ll be sticking a potato slice in each sock.

I think Hubs said it best: “Our kids are going to have some interesting stories about their childhood.” Yes, no doubt. But those stories will be about their healthy, fun-loving childhood!

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  1. Hahaha. Carlton LOVES potatoes- getting them into his socks might be an interesting challenge. But it’s very interesting Val… and as always, I smile & chuckle throughout reading your wisdom.

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