Summer, Azure, and Me

It looks like the hillsides greened up overnight out here, and the temperatures have been such where I’m convinced summer may be here to stay.

We’re behind in gardening and I think most of the reason behind that is because I bit off more than we could chew realistically. I like to go from one to done, and that’s not typically how projects of any capacity operate. Maybe I’ll never learn.

In the meantime, we’ll do what we can do, when we can do it. The good news is it will put us that much further ahead of the game next year.

I can spend a little more time admiring and working in the green and outdoors, though, because homeschool 2020/2021 is officially behind us. It was a long and challenging homeschool year. Moving at the start, getting things organized in a new space with a new routine and all the new things and new people made for some struggles…. but we did it. We finished.

Aside from math we’ll keep doing through the summer, the homeschool books can be put away until mid-August.

And now, as summer begins and new activities and responsibilities emerge, I’m feeling less inclined to stay the course with the things that have to be done – the cleaning, client work, and even the cooking. I just want to be outside, all the time, every day.

But that won’t – and can’t – happen. So I plug away.

Also, now that gardening/canning/meat bird season is all but smothering us already (and the meat birds aren’t even here yet!), I’ve been putting together one final Azure Standard order for next month.

I say “final”, but it’s not final – it’s just the last one I’m going to order until (at least) September.

Which seems a little backwards, honestly. Usually spring/summer/fall are when I order whatever I can as often as I can, because the winter months are when I avoid placing an order (because we never know what the weather or road conditions will be). But here I am, foregoing any orders during the best travel-months of the year.

That’s because, though, we have what we need for quite a while, and now we can focus those budget funds on other items for the coming months.

Our May order was the bigge$t one I’ve ever submitted, and also one of the ones I’ve been the most excited about, so I wanted to do something a little different… Here’s a video of me “unboxing” our order explaining what we got and why we got it.

Also, I get this question now and then and I saw a video that answers just as I would answer it. (Pro-tip: watch at 1.75 or 2x speed, because it gets to the point a lot faster that way.) The question, “Val, are you a prepper?” The answer, in this video made by someone else.

I would like to add, we’ve been in many situations where if it were not for the Lord prompting His people to help us, we would have been in far more dire circumstances. Not only have we learned that yes, the Lord will and does provide, but we learned we don’t like continually finding ourselves in those situations.

More than that, we’ve learned how amazing it is to be on the helping side of those circumstances, and we want to extend that blessing to others.

So I wouldn’t call myself a doomsday prepper by any stretch. Rather, we’re prepared to care for our family if the weather or road construction or vehicle failure or any other circumstances prevent us from leaving our hilltop homestead. We’re also in a position to help provide for others whenever the opportunity presents itself.

So there you have it. Also, if you’d like to begin ordering from Azure Standard or give them a try, you can use my link here. If you order $100 worth of merchandise (which is easy and worthwhile to do!), I get a credit, so you’re helping me out. Thank you in advance.

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