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One of the reasons I enjoy living here is because there is always something to do. No matter the time of year, or the time of day, there is never an excuse to be bored. Granted, my tastes may differ from that of a majority who live here, but I can still find plenty to keep me entertained. Last night was no exception.

We met our friends B, C, and D (oh how funny is that? Alphabetical order no less!) for a Bebo Norman/Jeremy Camp concert. WHAT A TREAT! We had such a great time and the music was awesome, the speaking was awesome, and the experience was totally worthwhile.

Brent actually “introduced” me to Bebo Norman one day while we were driving and running errands around town, several years ago. Brent has been a fan of him since 1999. He played a song for me called “The Hammer Holds”. It’s a song from the perspective of one of the nails that held Christ to the cross. Awesome, powerful song. I became a Bebo fan in an instant.

I received a Jeremy Camp CD as a gift from one of my Aunts, and have about worn the thing out from listening to it non-stop. (She is very in-tune with my tastes, and yes, I intended for the “in-tune” to have a musical reference.) She even reads this blog once in a while so Aunt D ~ thank you again for that CD!

Before I forget to mention – I have added Jeremy Camp and Bebo Norman songs to my playlist down below, so make sure you seek them out and give them a listen.

So last night, we’re in this massive building and it’s filled with people. We were singing along, jammin’ out, even jumping up and down at one point. Note to self: Jumping on an incline is dangerous. (I hit the pew in front of me two or three times.) Bebo was first and he did his set. He sang one of my favorite songs of his, “I Have Nothing (Without You)“. Before he sang the song, though, he told this story. He was in Africa, visiting this village (with Compassion International – more on that later) and speaking with this man who’s family had given their lives to Christ. He asked the man, “What is it that you still wish for? That you wish you had?” The man’s answer was this: “We have a tree we eat mangoes from. We have a stream we drink water from. We have a goat we get milk from. But now that we have Jesus, there is nothing else we are in need of.”

Wow. And to think I stress about an oil change, or charging my cell phone, or getting new window coverings, or having to vacuum my three-level home….. But the reality of it is, those things will come and go. Jesus is my everything, and so long as I have Him, I’ll have everything I need. (Does Matthew 6 come to mind for anyone?)

I also found out that Bebo Norman loves – as in LOVES – Krispy Kreme donuts. Can we say, “Man after my own heart”??

Jeremy Camp came out and he rocked that stage. He was all over the place. I was out of breath just watching him. I wanted so badly to be up on stage with him – I cannot even tell you how I had to restrain myself. I just thought of these men and their ministry and how every day they get to sing and glorify God, and bring massive crowds of people together. I will admit, I felt a tinge of envy.

At the very close of Jeremy’s set, he sang “There Will Be A Day.” I have heard that song a bazillion times. But last night it was like I heard it for the first time. There will be a day – with no more tears. No more pain. No more fears. There will be a day – where the burdens of this place, will be no more, we’ll see Jesus face to face. It just hit me. And I was really moved by that. You know me, I never cry (ha!) but I did a little bit during that song.

He (Jeremy Camp) left the stage and it was just such an incredible moment. When he came back out he closed with leading us all in “Here I am to Worship” and there I was to worship indeed!

Fantastic concert put on by two (well, more than two) fantastic men, and it was just such a treat.

Brent and I sponsored a child with Compassion International as well. Every month we’ll be supporting an 11-year-old-boy from India. To learn more about this fantastic organization, visit

So…yeah. That was my night last night! I am so pumped up, I just want to start a band and travel around singing songs about how awesome God is. Who’s in?? :o)

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