What A Difference Homeschooling Makes

Recently, I attended my first homeschool convention and learned SO MUCH about SO MANY THINGS.

When I returned, I was asked on Facebook: “I’m curious, what is it you love about homeschooling compared to your other two experiences?”

The other two experiences referenced are Kindergarten at a private Christian school, and 1st grade at public school.

First, let me tell you how I won’t address that inquiry. Continue reading “What A Difference Homeschooling Makes”

“I Will Never Homeschool”: The Background

never homeschool

I feel like the longer I homeschool, the more I could talk about it, so this first post will be the history, if you will, of our decision to homeschool.

A little background. When I was in a kid in school, I knew some people who homeschooled. A few were good friends of mine, but my mind couldn’t grasp how anyone could successfully school at home.

Try as I might (and if I’m being honest, I didn’t try at all), I couldn’t fathom not going to school. I was a student council member (still have the t-shirt), I was in pep club – heck, my senior year, I was the MASCOT. I loved the socialization of school. Continue reading ““I Will Never Homeschool”: The Background”