Turkeys: Wildlife Wednesday

I guess Wednesdays are the days when weird things happen with animals now?

It was a typical morning, (don’t they all start that way?) and I had gotten the kids situated with schoolwork before going to take a shower.

After I turned off the water, I heard what sounded like incessant turkey noise outside. I thought, “Wow, Fredrika is being really loud, and that’s unusual…”

Fredrika turkey returns
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“Daddy, we’re farmers, right?”

Little Man peeked over the edge of the brooder, while wearing his Paw Patrol gardening gloves and  in his sweet little voice, asked his Daddy, “Daddy, we’re farmers, right?”

We went shopping this past weekend for gardening stuff – items we needed in order to start our seeds for this year’s garden.

I ordered way. too. many. seeds. and this is going to pose a slight problem once it’s planting time. But I know I want to grow my own salsa, so peppers are required, and they need a little inside encouragement to start growing prior to our planting season. Continue reading ““Daddy, we’re farmers, right?””