O Magnum

O Magnum

O Magnum

A couple of years ago, some friends of ours introduced us to Magnum ice cream bars.

Our lives haven’t been the same since. Also: we have awesome friends.

It was summer time and we had them over for dinner for barbecued something – burgers? tri-tip? – and set up a table outside in our driveway. For dessert, they handed us each the most amazing ice cream bar ever created in the history of all things sweet.

On a very related note, this no-facebook thing took a little toll on me emotionally for a couple of reasons only a therapist could help me rationalize, I’m sure. It’s been a good thing, I know it was the right thing, but it wasn’t an easy thing.

Even though I’ve been incredibly disciplined with my Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle the last several weeks (even while on vacation!), breaking up with Facebook had me dig deep into an old habit and I participated in some emotional eating.

Brent – because he is an amazing husband – knows me so well. When I’m on day 5 of a 30-day detox and I’m sobbing, wanting to hold a pizza joint hostage, he talks me off the ledge and encourages me to stay strong for my health and well-being. On the flip side of that coin, when I’m in a genuine funk and really want a Magnum ice cream bar, he goes to the store. He is as discerning as they come, and gosh I love him for it.

The problem is, aside from the obvious fact that Magnum bars are made with addictive illegal drugs and that’s why they’re so tasty AND expensive, there are only three in a box. Only one of us gets to have seconds. I feel a little bad that Brent only gets one all the time…

Rabbit trail, but stay with me here –

When I was a sophomore in high school, our concert choir sang thee most beautiful choral arrangement I’ve ever heard. I still remember the song and my soprano part to this day, and that was many (many) years ago. (I remember several of our choir songs, and our teacher had a knack for making us sing them amazingly well for the young kids we were.) I remember we rehearsed this particular song in the hallway of the choir building because the acoustics were incredible in that bare, high-ceiling walkway. We performed it during our Vespers concert in the local Catholic church that December and I got goosebumps as we sang because it sounded so divine. Ethereal almost. We weren’t high-schoolers, we were angels. When it came to singing that song, anyway.

The song is an arrangement by Tomas Luis de Victoria, called O Magnum.

Thank goodness for YouTube, because if I had to show you the VHS version of my distracted father’s recording of our concert, it might ruin the experience for you. And I might want my bangs back (holla, 1994!).

… This is where I tie it all together and the two stories combine to change your life. You’re welcome. …

Every time I eat a Magnum ice cream bar, I hear O Magnum in my head. Which, once you listen to the video below, you’ll understand why combining the two events makes for a completely out-of-this-world experience. It only makes sense when I’m in a funk, the best way out is to eat an amazing comfort food treat while thinking of this angelic choral arrangement.

Yes, I know the ice cream is pronounced Mag-num (Hey, Tom Selleck!), and the song is latin and pronounced “mah-nyuum”, but in my head, for this instance, they are one in the same. By the way, you’ll want to try the double caramel.


If you’ll excuse me, there’s a second bar calling my name from the freezer…