Our 30-Day Faith Detox Journey: Days 13 – 18

We’re coming up on the half-way point with this week, and I’m in a bit of disbelief I’m still sticking with it. Even though it’s been a struggle, there are so many benefits – I’ve got to keep going!!

Our 30-Day Faith Detox Journey- Days 13 - 18

Day 13:

This morning’s smoothie was rough. It was nothing, though, compared to the juice. I drank the juice before going to meet a friend and saw my life flash before my eyes. Oh purple foods… please get better than this.

I made Little Man a PB&J for lunch and it took so much strength to not shove the entire sandwich in my mouth. I don’t understand how I can be on day 13, and still be completely overcome by a desire like that. I feel like I’m cycling back through the first five days of this detox. I’m super tired, and unmotivated. It could be PMS. It could always be PMS.

Date night tonight! Went to see a movie. And smell everyone else’s buttered popcorn. We snacked on some cashews and it was nothing almost the same. After the movie, we browsed around our natural foods grocery store and I was quite pleased to see all they carried.

Day 14:

Two weeks of eating vegetables! I can’t believe it. Brent has lost 12 pounds, I’m down 7, and that feels so crazy.

Lunch’s salad was good, again. Avocado is a big help in eating purple cabbage and purple onions. Not quite sure what to do for dinner – we’re having a hard time finding many purple foods, let alone being creative with how to prepare them.

We all took a really long nap today, and it was marvelous. Not an exciting Valentine’s day, but a long nap really can’t be beat.

Tonight for dinner, I made brown rice with purple onion. Little Miss liked the rice, so that was encouraging. Brent says he prefers the brown rice over quinoa. Maybe ten days in a row of quinoa was a bit much. We’re also now having kale chips. Brent is going to be a pro kale chip maker. I can only eat SUPER crispy kale chips. That basically turn to air when you put them in your mouth. A hint of chewy and my throat starts to close in rejection of it.¬†For the record – ¬†purple kale is gross.

Day 15:

We’re at the halfway point! Brent and I are both down another pound today. 13 for him, 8 for me. I had a dream last night Eli and Payton Manning were fighting over my affection. Hoping today’s foods clear that all up.

Little Miss thought she saw some coffee and asked me – quite sternly – if I made myself some. I assured her I had not. She is our little detox police.

Stir fry has quickly become my favorite meal. Today was no exception. Purple was redeemed in stir fry, but we mixed a lot of greens in as well.

Today was kind of a crap day as far as appliance failures and children meltdowns, but I pretty much owned every cleaning duty known, and persevered. Fried rice again for dinner, with chicken. I really wanted to have my go-to coping food after the fridge failed, but I knew we couldn’t order pizza, so I made the daggum rice. If I had ordered pizza, our little detox police would have sent me to mommy jail.

Day 16:

The smoothie was much better this morning, and I’m not sure what the improvement was over yesterday. Maybe the plum was a little more ripe. I’m feeling GREAT today, though. Yesterday, despite the crash-and-burn events, all the cleaning I did totally motivated me. I don’t have a working fridge, but our apartment looks great. The good news is we’re eating fresh foods anyway, and going through them quickly, so aside from milk and eggs, refrigeration isn’t a huge stressor.

Stir fry was good – again! I really like stir-fry, and will probably be making it on a continual basis, well after the detox is done. A great way to serve up veggies in a quick and simple fashion.

We have two weeks left of this detox, and I find that hard to believe. I so appreciate it, though. Systems like shakes and drops don’t teach you anything about how to eat or maintain a lifestyle. They offer a quick fix to a long-term problem. And you have to start over time and time again. This detox has taught me not only the importance of the foods we’re eating, but how eating the wrong foods does more than grow my waistline. It has physical, psychological, emotional, mental – all kinds of effects on every area of my life. I’m so thankful for this approach in the book – linking the body, mind, and spirit as areas in need of cleansing. It’s also taught me tasty ways to prepare and enjoy foods I swore I didn’t like.

Day 17:

Brent told me this morning he was down 15 pounds. I can totally tell. His ties are longer and his pants are baggier. I’m holding steady at 8. I can only tell a notable difference in my calves. Which, obviously, is the first place you’d WANT to lose weight because when I’m struggling to button my pants over my muffin top, I always think, “These daggum calves of mine…!” Whatever. I’m down 8 pounds – I guess at this point it doesn’t matter where they’re gone from. Also, I smell cabbage everywhere I go, so I’m convinced it’s really me.

We had cider this morning instead of a smoothie. It was tart (Brent said “brisk”) but it was still good. Cinnamon made a big difference.

The soup looks and smells good today – hoping it’s as tasty. Purple potatoes – kind of weird cutting into those! I read and hear they taste just like regular potatoes, though. Here’s hoping the internet isn’t lying. Again.

Turns out, purple potatoes actually taste like potatoes. The soup was alright and the broth was purple.

Dinner was a hurried version of basmati rice with purple onion and celery. Had a painting party tonight, so had to eat and run. They of course were serving a decadent chocolate cake they couldn’t stop raving about, but I have skinny calves, so… they were obviously jealous.

On the drive home, every restaurant I passed, I thought of my favorite dish from there. I prayed to ask God to just free me from this total attachment I have to food, and to heal me so I’ll eat to fuel my body rather than my weak moments.

Day 18:

This is the last day of purple foods, and I won’t miss them. The cider was a bit more tart this morning, but still good. Something about a hot drink first thing in the morning. Someone should invent something people can drink hot when they wake up…

We have our supper club gathering tonight, and Brent and I will be bringing our own dinner. Everyone else will have BBQ beef sandwiches, and we’ll each be having half a chicken breast with roasted purple potatoes and broccoli. I hope they’re still our friends after tonight.

I’m past cravings, but the temptation to indulge is still very powerful. There’s a big difference in a craving and a temptation. The temptation is far stronger and incredibly relentless. A craving can more or less be subdued, but the temptation to fall only gains momentum if you let it. Prayer has been a big part of this detox, and for good reason. Even in something so seemingly innocent as food choices, I’m constantly tempted and enticed to make the wrong ones. My body is a temple, and 13 days ago, Jesus would have been turning tables over inside of me. It’s up to me to keep the traders (aka traitors) and falsehoods out of this temple.