His Voice In The Prairie

His Voice In The Prairie

It’s been a busy week in our Little Apartment On The Prairie. Brent was gone for several days celebrating the 40th birthday of his best friend (we love you, Eric!), and I had an insane schedule and a long list of responsibilities that needed my attention. The kids and I had fun together, but they also got to do something they don’t get to do often: watch television. Thank you, Puffin Rock, for allowing me to get a few things done when I was under a crunch for time.

Most importantly, though, we’ve been praying those “listening prayers”, seeking what God has in store for us, and how we’re supposed to follow Him.

We’ve been busy dreaming, planning, and simplifying here. We’ve cleared out a bunch of nonessentials we haven’t used in forever. Our Tupperware stash got a big makeover. I rearranged the contents of my kitchen cupboards (because, who doesn’t?), and we’ve been testing our strength in grocery frugality as I’ve been making, preserving, and storing more of our own food. (Side note: it’s one of the most empowering activities I’ve ever participated in!)

Today, even, I’ve been dehydrating fresh veggies into chips and crunchy snacks. Kids love crunch, and it’s a good way to get them to eat their veggies. Who doesn’t love crunchy, salty snacks? Admittedly, I can’t stand kale, but when it’s dry and sprinkled with salt, I eat it like candy. Thanks, food dehydrator!


I also joked earlier today about having to go out and take care of the crops… so I watered the sunflower our daughter planted in a pot and we placed on the patio. I watered the petunias and impatiens, too. Hard work over here.


Truthfully, this is the kind of life I can’t wait to live full-time. Always doing what we can do on our own, always working to make things (taste) better, and putting sweat equity into our own simple pleasures. One day, “Lord willing and the creek don’t rise”, we’ll have a big garden. We’ll have fruits and veggies we will can or dehydrate or eat straight from the vine (and don’t forget the pies. There will always be pies.).

One day both kids will be helping me in the kitchen as we sort our veggie chips and canned goods and fetch food from the pantry to create yet another home-grown feast.

One day I’ll do more than read my Little House On The Prairie Cookbook, and I’ll actually put the recipes to use.

For now, though, we’re enjoying our Little Apartment On The Prairie venture. We’re scaling back, getting rid of what we don’t use or need, and finding we use (and need) far less than what we had convinced ourselves of.

Save for a lapse yesterday when I was completely sapped of all physical and emotional strength after a fruitless trip downtown, we haven’t purchased fast food. And let me tell you – when you go forever without eating it, and then you eat it – you feel sick. Yesterday’s lapse was not worth the yuck.

And I know I don’t have to tell you this, but foregoing the convenience of fast food is not only better for your gut, it’s also better for your bank account.

We’re being more intentional, more resourceful, and more disciplined with our choices, decisions, and plans.

We’re listening, and we’re working toward one day having the life we want, be it a little house on the prairie, or a little house in the big woods. (Personally, I’m holding out for pine trees. This girl needs natural air freshener!)

God has been so gracious to us, and He’s revealed a lot to me about how much our stuff and lifestyle has been crowding Him out of the picture. He needs to be more, and our THINGS needs to be less. We can be and do so much when we trust in and rely on Him more. (And let me tell you, cutting out Facebook has been a tremendous push straight into His arms!)

If that’s the only thing we take away from our Little Apartment on the Prairie, it’s been worth the experience.

When it comes down to it, it’s not about doing this for ourselves. It’s about following Him and hearing what He needs us to understand. It’s about hearing His BIGGER voice on the big prairie. I just happen to really like His lesson plan in this season of life.