Does “Pantry Challenge” Mean Winning or Losing?

The first time I ever did a pantry challenge, we lasted a month.

I decided to do it on a whim, without any preparation or planning. We almost ran out of coffee. I decided while we were “living life” we should also be “enjoying it to the fullest” and somehow, being overly responsible with our grocery budget and food preparation didn’t allow me to do that.

So we made it a month. BUT! I resolved to do it again.

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Our Plates Runneth Over

Once again, I’m sitting here in awe of how well we’ve eaten this past month.

I started this self-imposed pantry challenge out of fear and uncertainty for what was going to happen with our finances as a result of our well overflowing (that’s not a metaphor, it’s really overflowing with water…) but the Lord has shown me finances and material issues are not as big of deals as we tend to make them.

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