So I Want to Write a Book…

“Spit in one hand, wish in the other, and see which one fills up faster.” That was what we heard every time we “wished” for a new toy, or new clothes, or something new and exciting (read: fleeting and forgotten about ten minutes later) while we were growing up.

My entire childhood, I took it to mean something along the lines of, “You’re better off wasting your time than your dreams. Don’t bother chasing them. It’s just messy, and you’ll end up with a handful of spit.”

Story of my life. I hear a phrase and my default is to interpret it as a convincing argument on why I can’t do something. It’s my out. It’s my default-defeat. I’ve always been this way. More often than not, I’ve quit before I’ve had a chance to start.

Until right now. You know what that phrase means to me now? Think about it, or do something. See which one gets results.

So I’m done wishing. I’m done stopping at the edge of my dream. It’s time to start doing, and see if I can get results. I’m going to write my book. My first book.

So I Want to Write a Book...

I have so many ideas about topics I could cover in writing, but for my first book, I’m sticking to one I’m pretty passionate about. It will hopefully be easier to formulate, create, and organize, and will keep the inspiring fire going for me to write more books about other stories I want to share. My first book will be a book about marriage.

That might surprise some of you. Why not about Harlynn? Why not about what we’ve been through with her? So many reasons. The first is, her story is still unfolding. If I put it into book form now, there would be so much left untold. Secondly, the emotional weight it bears. I don’t have the words, or frankly – the strength – to write an entire book about losing our daughter. A blog post as I’m experiencing a moment or emotion is more forthcoming than a book encapsulating what losing her has been for us. Is for us. Means to us.

“But your marriage is still unfolding too, isn’t it?” Yes. It is. But I’m not writing a book about my marriage. Will Brent and I be main characters? Yes. Those are the stories I know. And there are so many of them that illustrate some great points I want to touch on. Storytelling is what I do. Sharing (over-sharing, some may say) is far easier for me than it might be for others. While there will absolutely be several stories about Brent’s and my marriage specifically, the book won’t be about our marriage.

Still with me?

I hope so, because I’m going to need your help. I need a team of people partnering alongside me through this process. I need people to read what I write. To provide feedback. To make sure what I’m saying makes sense. To catch typos and horrendously offensive grammatical errors. I need people to idea-share and brainstorm with.

I need people to hold me accountable. To make sure I’m actually writing. To follow up with me about progress I’m making, struggles I’m running into, or hurdles I can’t seem to overcome. I need people to cover this in prayer. To cover me in prayer. I need my schedule, my family, my work, and my writing all covered in prayer.

You know when Brent and I have the most intense moments of intense fellowship? Usually right after I publish a post about how wonderful he is. The devil loves to toy with us. And me, writing a book about marriage? Oh mylanta is he laughing right now, scheming of all the ways he could derail this! We need your prayers.

I’ve set an audacious goal for myself to have a first draft written and submitted before 2015 is over. I’ve given myself four months to research, create, write, and produce a product (an entire book). I don’t have a title. I don’t have an outline. I don’t have a plan. But I’ve got a dream and a desire to not simply spit in one hand, but to do something to make that dream come true.

So here I go.

Will you partner with me? Where do your talents lie, and how would you best fit on this team? Shoot me a note and let me know. And thank you – in advance – for not getting sick of me being needy during this process, for not growing tired of my mistakes or my meltdowns, for holding me accountable, and for covering me, my family, and this book in incessant prayer.