The Cost of Being Stuck: A Life Lesson From My Soup Pot

There are three chores I really dislike. Putting clothes away, mopping floors, and washing dishes. I love the dishwasher, but if I have to wash something by hand, I turn into a 10-year-old defiant child. I let it sit. And sit. Until I need to use it again.

Recently, this happened with my soup pot. I needed to use it again, but had let it sit a day (or more…) and wouldn’t you know, what had been left in the pot was all but cemented to it.

I scrubbed and I scoured and I saturated it with dish soap, chastising myself for letting it sit so long. One piece, in particular, was really stuck. I mean STUCK. It took a good long while to remove and I cut my hand trying to get it off. Funny or not, while dealing with this stuck remnant of onion, God spoke through this situation and enlightened me as to how this grimy soup pot represented life.

The Cost of Being Stuck-

Sometimes you don’t want to deal with something. It might be unpleasant, not your favorite thing, or you get sidetracked and carry on to other activities, pushing it further down your priority list. There comes a time, however, when it needs to be dealt with. And it’s tough. You’ve let it sit neglected for so long, that it’s really, really stuck.

You start to wonder if you’ll ever be able to rid of it. Maybe you set it aside for longer. Let it “soak”. You hope someone else will take care of it. You try to cover it up. But there it sits – stuck. As a part of your past. A part of your history. A part of your life’s breadcrumb trail.

The longer you let something sit, the more stuck to you it becomes. This isn’t a good thing. You need to deal with things in a timely manner, and not only will it be less effort for you in the long run, but you’ll be free! Christ came to give us freedom, especially from things that get in our way of living with Him. Galatians 5:1 tells us “For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” (emphasis mine) His yoke is easy, and His burden is light! Hand HIM your burdens, and gain His freedom in return. (Matthew 11:29-30)

He didn’t come for us to go through life grossed out by what we’ve let stick to us. He certainly didn’t come so we could ourselves stay stuck and never advance in life.

As God revealed this to me, I thought, “wow, this would make a great blog post.” Then He more or less said, “Not until you deal with what’s stuck.”

Ugh. He brought to mind something I’d kept stuck for years, and it had to do with my marriage.

Last year I set out to write a book on marriage because I so confidently knew I had a passionate purpose to share. The writing started out so great! Then I hit a wall. I tried to write my way around it, but the words just weren’t coming. I stopped altogether because I wanted to do it well above doing it quickly.

Washing that soup pot, God reminded me I hit a wall because things were still stuck to me, and I needed to seek Brent’s forgiveness in the matter. Gulp.

Figuratively speaking, I let that soak a few more days. I just couldn’t find the right time or way to broach the subject. Sunday evening, Valentine’s Day – the ONE day I did not want to talk to him about this – we were having casual conversation about exercise. I felt a sudden hot flush and heard, “NOW.” Ugh. No, Lord, not on Valentine’s Day.

(This is a repeated pattern – God speaks directly to me, and instead of obeying, I try to argue with Him.)

Finally I blurted out, “I have something weird I need to confess and talk about.”

Let me tell you how much Brent loves it when I say those words, or anything similar. He knows a big load of “oh no” is about to drop in his lap.

I talked with him. I washed away that stubbornly stuck piece that had acted as a barrier in our marriage for almost seven years. I asked his forgiveness. I cried.

And, as I never understand why he continually does, Brent readily forgave me. God bless my husband. It was something I had sought God’s forgiveness for in secret. Outside the knowledge of my husband. It was still stuck to me. Brent forgave me, God forgave me, and I was free.

Not coincidentally, I’ve been given more content to write in my marriage book. Just like that.

It’s more than simply having a piece of ick stuck to your life. That stubborn stuck piece could be a barrier to your next level. It could be hindering you from advancing your relationships, your goals, your life.

Whatever you’ve tried to cover up from your past, whatever you’ve decided to pretend isn’t really there, and you’re leaving the stuck onion in your soup pot, I’m encouraging you to deal with it the right way. It will take work. It will take a lot of scrubbing. But once it’s gone, you’ll be free to do – and be – so much more.