The End of 2020

It has been a … memorable … year. This post is not how I intended to close out my blogging of 2020, but as we’ve all learned, there are few things we have actual control over.

First, let me recap a little. The Romans 12:12 scripture in the picture above is what graced the cover of my 2020 planner. The other day as I was transferring important info to my 2021 planner, it struck me how poignant and relevant that very verse was for the year we had no idea we would experience.

Henry Stephens’ Book of the Farm is one frequently referenced in the BBC series “Victorian Farm”, of which my family is a huge fan and just finished watching, so I thought I would try to find a copy of that book. To my delight, the kiddos are really excited to own their own copy of it. After finishing his chores one morning, Little Man grabbed the book and said as he found a seat to read it, “I’ve been waiting all day for you!”

Then there were the Christmas morning cinnamon rolls, that accompanied the lefse I was able to successfully make – without the standard lefse equipment! I am very thankful I had a lefse turner, however, because I’m not sure how it would have been successful otherwise.

And now, I’m typing this post from the comfort of my bed, because my whole family has come down ill.

For me, this felt entirely reminiscent of the flu I had in January of 2019. Except during that instance, I thought I might die and told Hubs through tears where my will was. This instance, thankfully, was not quite so severe. Fever, aches, congestion, the whole bit. The worst part for me is having it hurt when your clothes – or anything – touches your skin.

Last night as my fever rose, I remembered we should put those potato slices on our feet. Each family member slept with a potato slice on the bottom of each foot, and this morning, all our fevers were gone, and we were markedly improved.

I’m still tired, but really feel so much better than I felt yesterday.

So in addition to the post linked above, let me share what we’ve been doing to kick this bug quickly.

Vitamin C: I’ve been taking three different kinds of Vitamin C. Swallowable vitamin (1000 mg) twice daily, Chewable vitamin (500 mg) three times daily, and ascorbic acid (1200 – 1500 mg) mixed in with a flavored water, three times daily.

Author’s Note: The trick of Vitamin C, is you can take it “to bowel tolerance”. Well, there’s only one way to find out what that tolerance is… I’ve had no negative issues so could probably take more if I needed to, but I think what I’m doing is working remarkably and there is no need to press my luck.

Vitamin A, B12, D, E, twice daily.

Zinc, Quinine, once daily.

Quercetin, once every other day.

Oscillococcinum, three times a day.

Thieves, Eucalyptus Radiata, Raven, and Peppermint essential oils.

Drinking water like my life depends on it (and praying the bathroom is available the 43058967 times a day I end up needing it as a result).

Napping the moment I feel tired, for as long as I need to.

And…. sleeping with potato slices on the bottoms of my feet.

I think I got this the worst of all in our household, but everyone is recovering nicely. I remarked last night at dinner (Oh! One more remedy: chicken broth. That was my dinner last night, with a big pinch of salt mixed in.) how thankful I am that we have the remedies and resources we do which allow us to restore and maintain our health.

Admittedly, I had not been taking my vitamins regularly prior to this, but I have no doubt if I had kept up with them, this would not have affected me so adversely. Lesson learned.

Lapsing on the vitamin routine along with going to bed too late (we found Poldark on Amazon Prime, and I’m hooked) and increasing my processed-sugary-foods (because holidays…) was a recipe for catching illness. And catch it, I did.

This isn’t how we intended to spend the last couple days of the year, but frankly, it seems fitting. Our entire household falling ill, but rallying so quickly, is a good analogy for the year. There was hardship, there were trials to endure, but we overcame them all – together.

I’ll close with well wishes for you in the new year: Here’s to your 2021 – to your health, your faith, your happiness, and your freedom – may they all be protected and prosperous in the coming year and for generations to come.

…and don’t forget the potatoes.

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