The Juggling Act

Working from home is as much a part of my life as eating breakfast. I’ve been earning a living from my home office for seven years now. About the same number of years I’ve been enjoying my own version of avocado toast, in fact.

Hubs thinks my taste for avocado on eggs on bread makes me a millennial, and here all this time I thought that was determined by the year you were born… (I’m Gen X, by the way.)

With all of the perks of working from home come the same number of challenges, but none of them are insurmountable as to make working from home any less worthwhile. It’s all about the juggling act.

“Mama, why are you so dressed up?” asked Little Miss.

“Because I have a meeting in five minutes,” I answered.

“Oh. That explains the sweats.”

… Thank you, you may go now.

Perk: dressing up while remaining comfortable.
Challenge: your kids remarking about your wardrobe.

There are other challenges as well, like how your children want nothing to do with you until you’re on a call or a meeting, and then have to ask you every question imaginable.

Questions like, “what kind of car will I drive when I get my license?” asked by the 10-year-old.

Or, “What do you think it would look like if a tractor, a snake, a monster truck, and a cow was all smashed into one creature, and the cow… I mean the sna…. no, the cow…. ate only oatmeal and barbecue sauce?” proposed by the six-year-old.

Important things. Clearly.

Challenges like getting work done at all, because the bread needs to be baked, the kids need to be taught something amazing in their homeschool, the soup needs to be started on the stove, the laundry needs folded, the hawks need to be chased away, the chocolate stash needs to be found, the chickens need to be fed, the scenery needs to be stared at…

Working from home is simply a juggling act. I’m one of those fuddy-dud’s on the topic of “balance”. I don’t believe balance is attainable (having equal parts of all things). But I do believe one is capable of succeeding in several areas, provided the balls stay in motion and there aren’t too many of them.

Working from home is just that: Keep the balls moving, know what and when to drop something, know when it’s appropriate to add in something else, and keep it meaningful.

I don’t work from home for the sweats. (I’m also not denying that’s a perk.)

Truly, I don’t even work from home for the income, though that is an absolutely worthwhile reason to continue doing what I do.

I work from home because it allows me the opportunity to contribute to a greater good, using my skills and abilities. Simultaneously, and more importantly, it allows me the opportunity to contribute to the greatest good in my role of wife and mother.

I can share ideas, help others succeed, all while keeping focus on the discipling and nurturing of my biggest perks (and challenges): my children. I can help a team reach quarterly goals without ever missing a morning snuggle session. I can do my favorite thing (write) while my favorite people remain in close company.

All. While. Wearing. Sweats. (thank you, Little Miss.)

Eleven years ago, I was praying for a way to work from home. For the last seven years, I’ve been praying thanks to God for allowing it to happen, and continue.

I’m not the best at juggling, but I love and appreciate the outcome so much, I keep throwing balls in the air to keep things in motion.

It’s the life I never knew I always wanted.

If you’d like to learn a little more about what I do, head over to this site.

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