There Are No Surprises

I wrote a letter to a friend recently, marveling at the fact that we live in South Dakota now, and “who ever would have guessed”? That question has been rolling around in my mind a few times now and one answer keeps coming to mind: God is never surprised.

When we started looking at places to relocate, and then my entire family ended up in the same area relocating at around the same time, all of us were surprised. We still find it a bit surreal. But the Lord knew.

When the offer we knew would be countered — was accepted — and we could buy the house we didn’t think we had a chance at owning, we were knock-me-over-with-a-feather surprised. But the Lord knew.

When we decided I would homeschool our children, after I had adamantly sworn that was something I would never do, no one was more surprised than I was. Especially when I ended up loving it. But the Lord knew.

When a 65 year old bachelor became our family’s best friend because we happened to move in right across the road from him, no one expected that. Least of all, us. When he passed away suddenly from cancer only 12 months after we met him, I was devastated. I was surprised how much I missed him and even today I get choked up remembering Farmer John. I had no idea the impact he would have on our lives. But the Lord knew.

When Harlynn died unexpectedly, and we were thrust into the world of bereavement, no one was prepared for what that meant for us. Everyone was caught off guard, and we had no idea this was something parents went through, yet we had to live it. Babies don’t die. Pregnancy ends with a happy birth… right? We had no clue. We didn’t want to know this side of life. Our world was rocked, and the ripples will be felt for always. No one would have guessed. Ever. But the Lord knew.

When we moved away from Wyoming for opportunity in Fargo, people were surprised we stayed more than year. Then they were surprised we stayed more than five years. Fifteen years we were in the area. Lots of people were surprised, and if I’m being honest, I was one of them. I never thought I’d leave Wyoming, and when we did, I thought it would only be a brief departure before we would move back. I didn’t know the opposite was true. But the Lord knew.

When anything happens – good, mundane, funny, awful, tragic – we may be caught completely off guard. Surprised. Ambushed, even.

But the Lord knows. He knows the beginning and He knows the end. He knows every detail in the middle. There are no surprises.

And I suppose that’s one of His great gifts to us; He lets us marvel in awe, in disbelief, in shock, in amazement at everything that happens in our lives. He knows the outcome, we know the process we experience. He knows the big picture. We know the puzzle one piece at a time.

He knows what breaks us and what blesses us. He knows our valleys and our peaks before we even realize we’re climbing or descending. He knew I would write this post one day. He knew you would read it. There are no surprises for Him.

And when I sit in our hilltop home and gaze over the fog-filled valley behind us and think to myself, “Who ever would have guessed I would get to live here and see these views?” I imagine He lifts a finger and says, “That’d be me, Val.”

He not only knew, but he ordained and orchestrated every strand of my life’s fabric to come together to form the tapestry of this very moment.

And that’s incredible to me. There are no surprises for Him, but He surprises us daily with new mercies, new opportunities, new experiences.

Who ever would have guessed? Thank you, Lord. Life is full of unexpected turns for us, but you are constant and never change. We can always rely on your unfailing love and your steadfast law. You are Good – and that is no surprise.

4 Replies to “There Are No Surprises”

  1. Val, I’m so glad Tracy posted your blog post! I have missed you on FB and have wondered about your move since you announced it! I’m so happy you’ve found a peaceful place to call home and are settling in nicely! So glad you are near family as I can attest that it’s the best! It was lovely to catch up!

    1. Val, I am so happy for you and your family. You know God giveth and sometimes he taketh. It is hard to understand how He works his miracles through the ups & downs we experience in our lives.
      Your words have opened my eyes many times Val.
      God Bless!!

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