Things I’ve Learned To Be Excited About

I’ve reached the 6-month mark of my pregnancy. It’s hard to believe it’s already been six months, and yet it’s taken at least six months for this moment to get here. I’ve learned that there are things we (namely, I) take for granted every day during “normal” life, and that when a woman becomes pregnant, she can really get excited about the times they occur.

Take for instance breathing through your nose. Because of “rhinitis of pregnancy” (it’s a real medical issue, I promise), I walk around with my mouth open, breathing like Darth Vader – and that’s on a good day. Half the time I’m gagging on the drainage seeping down the back of my throat, which makes for interesting conversations….one example being the other morning when I told Brent goodbye before leaving for work.
Me: (leaning over sleeping hubs to kiss his forehead) “Have a good day, I love you.”
Brent: “mmpfh mmpfhmmpfh yah.”
Me: HACK. HOIGHT. HEH. (gagging noises)
Brent: “nice.”
Having to breathe through your mouth constantly does make you more aware of the state of your breath-scent. Thank you, Orbit gum, for lessening the blow after my macaroni and cheese and hard boiled egg lunches, or my afternoon snack of Funyuns and berry Tums. I also waste a lot of Kleenex. I am constantly trying to blow my nose, but rarely is that act productive. Of course the second I am in the presence of other people, and thoughtlessly laugh through my nose or sneeze, my snot makes a grand entrance. Nice, rhinitis. Real nice. Needless to say, when I can actually breathe through my nose with no repercussions, I get excited about it.

Then there’s going more than 30 minutes without having to pee. This excites me greatly, when I can last longer than half an hour without having to bare my butt to the porcelain seat. I feel that I now leave the bathroom to visit my office rather than the other way around. I should see if they’ll lob a phone and internet port in to stall number 1 of the main floor ladies room. It’s just about ridiculous how often I have to empty my bladder. Sometimes I no sooner get seated in my office chair, I have to back to the restroom. My sister, bless her, called me at work to remind me that if I lean forward while peeing, it will empty my bladder more proficiently and I may have to pee less often. Let me tell you, you’ve never seen me lean so far forward. Enough with the frequent flyer miles to the ladies room! I get really excited when I can finish multiple tasks or even an entire conversation without having to do the “gotta-go” dance, or feverishly wiggling my toes trying to subdue my bladder.

Prepared food. Granola bars, yogurt, Culver’s cheeseburgers, dry cereal, nuts, fruit, chips, other people’s lunches – anything I can get my hands on at a moment’s notice and not have to wait for it to cook before I eat it, is worthy of excitement. Hunger strikes often, and strikes fiercely. I will say that if I have to wait too long in the drive-thru for my Culver’s cheeseburger, I start to get a little antsy. “Baby wants a burger” said through gritted teeth doesn’t seem to make the employees move any faster, either. Lesson learned.

Gas. I’m not talking about for my car. And I’m also positive that I am the only one who would ever get excited about my gas. I’ve seen the looks my husband gives me when one slips out – he’s definitely not excited about it. (Like it never happens to him…) But I will tell you, with the pressure that has built up inside of me and everything moving around and changing locations within my gut, there is no better feeling than expelling excess….um….wasted space. And the expelling part doesn’t come easily. I have been in pain from bubbles trying to take up residence in my intestines. I’m sorry, but I have to be honest here! This information could change your life. Or your relationship with me. I’m not sure which, but I am hoping for a positive influence on your life as a result of my sharing.

Fetal movement. Of course this doesn’t happen in anyone’s “normal” life (unless you’re Mrs. Duggar), but it is definitely something to get excited about. There is nothing quite as cool or extraordinary as feeling little Ziggette kick and jab and roll around. Today, for instance, while having a serious conversation with my boss (my first performance review, to be exact), she was going nuts in my belly! It was a little hard to focus, because I just wanted to put my hand on my stomach and say, “Shhhhh! She’s having a dance party!” I’m sure that would not have reflected well, however, so I refrained. I love that she’s such a little wiggle worm, though. At least I love it now. Maybe when she’s born, I would prefer for her to lie more still and sleep more often. But savoring these moments now – I get so excited every time I feel her move. I think about her tiny little feet, or her teeny fingers, and everything on her moving around and I just about get choked up.

So, these last six months have brought experiences and changes I never would have imagined. Yet I am so excited to have the chance to live through them. I may not be as fine-tuned, or as attractive as I once was – considering I just confessed excitement about gas, and have a basketball for a stomach – but God bless these experiences anyway. Darth Vader, signing out.

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  1. Oh my God…I am so with you on being a mouth breathing Darth Vader! I cannot stand being clogged. Like you, there is rarely any…err..mucus…just swollen passages. What a bummer!

    And I'm am woman enough to agree on the gas issue as well. Talk about wicked pressure and once it's out it's so much better. That goes for belching too.

    I have to be careful about the foods I eat….my BP fluctuates and so I've given up the salt shaker and rarely partake in salty yummo foods like chips and stuff. If I do it's to a minimum…over doing it gives me a massive headache.

    And fetal movement….I so love it. Nothing can make me as ridiculously happy and crazy frightened as movement…or the non-movement of the babe. You may or may not have an experience of non-movement. But it usually starts out as babe moving non-stop all day like a crazy girl (or boy) then deciding to take the next day off and have a snoozefest…hence not moving.

    After eating several pieces of chocolate, ingesting a caffeinated drink and laying on your left side the little bugger *might* decide to move. Or continue to sleep and send you racing to the OB's office only to pummel your insides the moment he walks through the door!

    Enjoy every second of that babe moving…it is the one thing you will miss the most about being pregnant. You will miss it so much, you may wind up like me…pregnant 6 months after the first one makes their debut! I don't regret the decision in the least and I'm loving feeling my little one move all around! *Hugs* I <3 you!

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