Today: Thankful

This morning I woke up, took the potato slices out of my socks and was thankful (and surprised) to see how very black they were and to realize how much better I felt than the previous day.

I’m so thankful for potatoes and that I followed someone’s advice once about sleeping with them on the bottoms of my feet when I don’t feel so great.

Today my kids blazed through two days worth of homeschool, something they’ve been doing for the last week and a half. We missed a little more learning time than we planned with us getting sick right after Christmas, so in an effort to get caught up, we doubled up this week and last. And the kids have been pure and total champs about it all.

I’m exceptionally grateful to be able to homeschool, and I’m grateful for my exceptional kids.

Today in late January, the sun shone bright and it was above 40 degrees… for a little while, until the wind picked up. I’m always thankful for sunshine.

Today all nine hens laid an egg, none of them ended up broken, and all I had to do to get that rich source of tasty protein was put on my Sloggers and walk a few feet to the coop. I’m not only grateful, I’m giddy.

Today I fed the sourdough starter and will once again use it to set a fresh loaf to rise overnight to bake tomorrow morning. I am so grateful for flour, water, and salt, and that from it we can have fresh bread every day.

Today my favorite song came on the random playlist I had going. I’m so grateful for music and how a song can provoke anything from strong emotion, happy memories, or impromptu worship.

Today when I walked outside to get the last of the eggs, I sang a hymn at the top of my lungs. The wind and the fact we’re on a country hilltop made it so no one could hear me except for the One it was written for. I am so grateful for wide open spaces, and wide spacious lungs.

Today I finished a book I wish had never been written, only because I wish it wasn’t so true today. I’m so grateful for books, the freedom to choose which to read and when, and the entertainment, education, or introspection they provide.

Today is my Dad’s birthday. I’m thankful my Dad cherishes God and family, and that we get to celebrate him.

So much to be grateful for, just in a single day.

I almost forgot today was awful.

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