Today Vs. Last May

While I was making breakfast this morning, I spotted three of my favorite birds in the yard: Brown Thrashers. They have some of the prettiest songs, and the are the most handsome rust color I’ve ever seen.

Looking out my kitchen window, past the Mother’s Day roses the kids nabbed for me, watching the birds on the lawn, I sighed contentedly. This is the best place to be, in my humble (and accurate) opinion.

It was a glorious weekend. It rained all day Saturday and Sunday, and while that would normally be a bummer, I celebrated. We are in dire need of the moisture here, so being wet and gloomy outside made for a cheerful environment inside.

While the weather facilitated indoor productivity, I played “Super Prepper” where I took bulk dry goods we have, portioned them, and vacuum sealed them. This will extend their shelf life for sure, but also makes it more conveniently available in serving sizes ready to grab whenever needed.

I managed to get through some things like popcorn kernels, raisins, sugar, and a few more items before getting tired of standing in front of the vacuum sealer.

I also managed to burn through six cups of oats while doubling the recipe to make my favorite dessert to have on Mother’s Day. It’s some kind of chocolate/peanut butter/oat bar, and they’re addicting. I eat them until I get sick. So there’s that.

This morning, I made an intentional effort to do my client work from the kitchen table so I could work alongside the kids and help them with their schoolwork. I looked up from my work to find both of them in the living room, which is where I have been working from in recent days.

I suppose the kids know I’m available, no matter where I work from in the house, so it’s okay that they explored more comfortable working conditions today.

As I watched them work for a bit, I was struck by the realization it was about this time one year ago we started looking at properties and the possibility of moving.

To be here in this majestic setting, homeschooling, homesteading, moving my home office to different rooms in this incredible house, is pretty incredible.

Hubs and I were talking this past week about how this all worked out. A year ago, while I had found a property in the western part of South Dakota that I was convinced was meant for us to move to, the Lord was putting this plan – His plan – in motion.

That property out west and the timing of us making our offer and the sale ultimately falling through, gave this property time to be re-listed by motivated sellers. It gave us time to reconfigure a budget. It gave us time to refocus our efforts and pursue moving closer to where the rest of my family was also relocating.

While the plans we tried to drive went off the rails, the Lord’s plans were playing out beautifully.

We moved here in August and have experienced one blessing after another, even if they were revealed only after significant struggle.

It’s pretty incredible to look back at one year ago, and reflect on what has taken place since. Today looks a lot different from last May.

We had to trust, and praise God we did, that He was in control. We didn’t try to force things to happen. If we had, our situation would be very different today. Instead, our situation today is exactly what it’s supposed to be. He. Knows. Best.

Last week I posted a mumble saying I wasn’t sure what the purpose of this blog was supposed to be. This week I’ll say this: I don’t know what the Lord’s purpose was in moving us here (though I’m beyond grateful He did).

That said, I’m convinced (again…) the purpose of this blog is to share about what’s happening in our lives, while pointing others to a life with Him.

Simple as that.

This May is a lot different from last May. It wasn’t an easy road to travel from one May to the next. There were lots of struggles, challenges, and setbacks. But we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be, because we trusted His leading.

Trust His leading. No matter if that path seems weird or unconventional, no matter if it makes sense, no matter if it feels completely counter to what you’ve known your whole life… when He leads, follow.

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