Trip To Wyoming Part II

Read here to catch up on Part I. Go on, I’ll wait.

Once we made it to Mom and Dad’s house, we were greeted at the door by Dad, who had just gotten home from work seconds before we pulled in to the driveway. After exchanging a quick hug, I made my way to the bathroom. Big surprise there.

We sat and visited for a while before Brent headed downstairs to test out the guest bed and take a snooze. He had worn himself out from making a wrong turn and being yelled at, after all. Mom soon came home from work and started to make us dinner, after I had not-so-modestly hinted I was starving and was going to start gnawing on the sofa if I didn’t get food soon. It was a fantastic dinner – steaks, red potatoes, beans, and some yummy bread. And I of course had to drink a lot, because when you pee so often, you get thirsty. And when you drink so often, you pee a lot. It’s a vicious cycle.

It wasn’t too long after dinner, that the swelling in my feet and ankles started to become uncomfortable. This had been a new development – I had been dealing with the occasional puffiness for about two or three weeks prior to this trip, but this swelling was new. I attributed it to the change in elevation and the long day of travel. Then I went to sleep.

Day 2 was the big day of the shower! We went to lunch at a pizza joint in town. I hadn’t eaten that pizza in years, and for some reason when you go a long time without having it, it becomes the best pizza you’ve ever tasted. And Mom said “Let there be pepperoni and black olives” and it was so. And Val saw that it was good. And ate it all.

Dad and Brent got to work installing a new water heater, and Mom and I headed to the baby shower. My mom can’t talk and drive at the same time. I wanted to drive, but she wouldn’t let me. So we cruised to my friend T’s house. Very Slowly. While she talked. When we arrived at T’s house, I walked inside and was warmly greeted by some friends who had already arrived. Let me tell you – this was a fantastic baby shower. I have amazing friends, who are far too good to me, and far too much fun to be around. My friend, Dd, had made this cake and cupcakes:

Are those not gorgeous? Not to mention, they tasted absolutely marvelous. We played the melted-candy-in-the-diaper game, and Mom had a few shrieks to share over how much she “enjoyed” sticking her nose into that kind of “business”…..

I was absolutely spoiled with amazing gifts, and some hysterical laughter. It was such a good time, and I was so excited to see everyone who was able to make it. It ended all too soon, and Mom and I headed back with a full car and an extra person. T had found herself invited to dinner with us! But she wasn’t hungry because she had been eating Dd’s cake, and the other goodies from the awesome spread at the shower. I, however, will eat whether I’m hungry or not. I read in a book once, “Even if you’re not hungry, the baby is.” So who cares that I had been eating for three hours and I wasn’t hungry – the baby must have been. I was just being a good mom.

T will tell you that dinner with my family is quite the experience. Mostly Dad and I crack jokes at the other’s expense, and somewhere in the mix I tell Mom she’s out of line, she tells me the same about something else, and Brent sits and shakes his head. It’s actually a lot of fun if you can handle the word “whatever” and the phrase “oh shut up, Valerie.” I can hear it now….

Then before we knew it, the day had come for Brent and I to return to North Dakota. I never usually look forward to those days when we have to leave and come back. I did miss the cats, though. The trip home always takes longer than the trip to Wyoming. We tend to take our time and are not near as concerned about making quick stops, but more leisurely ones. By the time we got home, I was outright exhausted and my feet were killing me. Granted, I hadn’t been on them hardly all day, but reclining in a car seat doesn’t provide them with the most ideal circulation either. Come to find out. So when we got unloaded and in to the house, I took my shoes and socks off and saw this:

Now, considering my feet are very bony and narrow, this was quite a shock. I laughed when I saw them because they looked ridiculous. I had a doctor’s appointment the next day and figured I might as well show the doctor what my feet were capable of.

Brent commented to the doctor that he couldn’t believe his wife (me) had taken before and after photos of her feet. I said, “Are you kidding me? These are going in her baby book.” And I’m serious, even if I have to insert a special page, she will be able to look back and see the feet she has to look forward to one day. The doctor, after checking my blood pressure, lab results, and mashing on my legs, said everything was fine, by the way.

Now, however, my hands are falling asleep and this past Thursday when I got home from Bible Study, I saw THIS:

And I almost pooed my pants. Do you see my ankle? No you don’t. BECAUSE IT DISAPPEARED. I had no idea that the swelling was that bad. I mean I knew I was uncomfortable….but are you serious? I texted the photo to my husband, my friend A, and my sister. I’m pretty sure Brent fainted because he never texted back. A asked, “What happened to your ankle?” and I told her my leg swallowed it. Sis told me that it was absolutely the worst cankle she had ever seen. I agreed.

So once again I talked to the OB personnel and once again was given more or less a sympathetic pat on the shoulder with a “there, there….you have a lot of fluid in your body….” I have put – in writing – that I really enjoy being pregnant. I will put – in writing – right now – that I’m over that. This swelling, numb hands and fingers, puffy face, and uncomfortableness is for the birds. Give me a screaming baby already.

And I really miss Wyoming.

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