Val, What Are You Doing?

It’s a question I ask myself almost every time I begin a post. “What are you doing?” Sometimes I’m asking because I’m not entirely sure what topic I’ll cover or how to get my point across. Other times I’m asking because I’ve overshared (again) and that publish button could mean more embarrassment. (Yet for some reason, that’s never usually a deterrent…) Sometimes, though, it’s a deep and reflective question. Why am I blogging?

I thought I’d make a post to answer exactly that.

Val,  What Are You Doing-

I’ve always loved writing. I used to write family members letters. Up until my great grandmother died in 2006, I tried to write her five or six times a year. English was my favorite subject in school. I love reading almost as much as I love writing. I’m a story teller. I love to recount events that happened, and I love – LOVE – making people laugh. I don’t consider myself a funny person, but sometimes I am able to make people laugh. When I hear their giggles – or especially when I hear their roars – after something I’ve shared, it fills me with butterflies of the best kind.

I also have a bit of a teacher’s heart. I love sharing lessons, points, and take-aways from my own experiences. I love to help people find their a-ha moments. Whether in grief, marriage, or something I didn’t even realize I was helping them with, I love it when I can play a part in someone pursuing the answers they’ve been seeking.

In 2008, I started a blogspot page and decided I was going to share the silly things about my life. I think my first post was about doing situps in my living room in an effort to show my sister I was tougher than her. (I’m not.) I dabbled in it here and there, but was never consistent. Once we had Little Miss (see the deets in my about page), I used the blog as an update venue, to keep friends and family in the loop and to request prayers. I didn’t really find my voice until 2013, however.

I spent a lot of time trying to be either really poignant or really funny, and I spent more time on those focuses than on actually telling my story. In 2013, the night we lost Harlynn, I blogged from the innermost depths of my soul. It was raw, it was real, and it was me. I wasn’t concerned with anything other than sharing my heart.

The loss of my daughter was a turning point for me in a lot of areas of my life. My blog was certainly one of them.

I still share silly stories, and I still get caught up in what will or won’t make people laugh (and truthfully, I never know. My husband reads most my posts totally deadpan, and the things I crack up about, he might crack a smile.). But mostly, when I ask myself “Val, what are you doing?” my answer is: sharing my heart.

I blog about marriage. I blog about parenting. I blog about family. I blog about faith. And my heart is poured into each of those posts. I blog to encourage others, no matter their circumstance. I blog, not to just to give hope, but also validation. I blog to bring authenticity back into relationships. And I blog because sometimes I’ve just gotta share a story or two.

What am I doing? I’m sharing. And I’m so very thankful you’ve decided to stick around. xo

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  1. I enjoyed your post here. I just sent you a message under your contact me. I’d like to have you as a guest writer. I’m always looking for someone who will write from the heart!!!

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