The Wal Mart Prayer

A few weeks ago, I was sent a Wal Mart gift card as a bonus perk for work. Where I live in South Dakota, there are limited choices for shopping. I will absolutely spend free money at Wal Mart when the opportunity presents itself, however.

I created an online order for grocery pickup, which included some regular staples like milk and yogurt, and some pantry refills like raisins and crackers. It was a Wednesday pickup, because I would already be in town for the kids’ evening activity and my Bible study.

Close to the scheduled pickup time, I checked the app on my phone and noticed my order, rather than being “shopped”, was instead “delayed”. There was no explanation as to what the delay was, the length of time it was delayed, etc. Just the word itself in red letters.

I ran another errand and waited until the last possible moment before my study began, but it was still delayed.

We live over 20 miles out of town, so a significant delay in this order could prove more of a challenge than simply coming back at another time.

When I walked into the home of where my Bible study is hosted, the hostess greeted me and asked how I was. I answered that I was doing well but had the strangest experience with this Wal Mart order of mine – I spent this gift card on an order that was now delayed and I couldn’t find information on what that meant, etc.

Without so much as a blink or hesitation, she replied, “Well let’s pray about it” and then – she did. Right there out loud in her kitchen, she prayed that my order would be ready before we left town that evening and that I would be able to get the groceries we had ordered and we would not be set back in our schedule or items.

I remember being the slightest bit stunned thinking to myself, “I never would have thought to pray for a Wal Mart order.” I was so glad she had thought to, however.

That night as I left her home, I got a notification my order was no longer delayed. I went to pick up the kids from their activity, and then headed to the Wal Mart order pickup parking.

There were two other vehicles waiting there as well, and an employee walking toward one of them while I was parking, carrying nothing with him.

I saw him talking with the driver for a while, shrugging his shoulders and shaking his head, and then I saw the driver leave. He walked to the second vehicle and I saw the same thing – shoulder shrugging, head shaking, and eventually the driver pulled away. I turned to my kids and said, “This isn’t looking good…”

He approached my vehicle and I rolled the window down. When he came alongside me he said, “And you must be Val.”

“I am…” I answered.

“I’ll be right back with your groceries.” He said, and walked back into the store.

I couldn’t believe it!

When he came back out to load my groceries, I asked him why the other vehicles had been sent away. He told me they were short-staffed and very behind and weren’t able to complete the orders that came in.

I asked him, “Can I tell you something?!” and I shared the story of how I noticed my order was delayed and how my friend prayed over my order and that I would be able to pick it up before leaving town.

“The Lord answered her prayer!” I closed.

“Wow, yeah, God worked it out for you.” he replied.

Just before we pulled away, I told him I’d pray for him and his work schedule and that it wouldn’t be so strenuous as well. Then, I called my friend to tell her how her prayer had been answered.

Oh! Also! I had ordered two gallons of whole milk. Apparently, the were out. They subbed organic whole milk, and essentially I got two gallons of organic milk for the price of two gallons of regular milk.


I was so excited about the experience, and still get excited when I share about it.

It just goes to show you there is no request too small to bring to the Lord, and who He puts in your path in those answers may be just as much an answer to their prayer as to yours. I have no doubt that employee needed encouragement that evening, and the Lord sent me to share some with him.

I love this story so much.

No matter what challenge or change of plans you face, take it to the Lord and see how He shapes you in your situation. He always knows – and does – more than we ask or imagine.

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