We Have It So Good

Everything we’ve experienced recently has led me to one conclusion: We have it so good.

We’re currently experiencing our 209485702934875th thunderstorm of the season. We don’t just get gentle rain; we get sudden onslaughts of wind, driving rain, hail, and incessant lightning. Just today, in fact, we weren’t supposed to get a storm until after 1:00 pm. Here at 11:15, it’s definitely storming outside.

The Storms

In the storms we’ve had lately, we’ve had one of our mobile chicken tractors completely obliterated and destroyed beyond salvage. We’ve had damage in our garden. There have been items blown incredible distances across the property. We’ve lost power.

Yet… I am so grateful for this rain. The land is lush as I’ve never seen it before, in direct relation to not being bone-dry as it was previously. There are plants and flowers cropping up I’ve never seen before. We’ve only had to manually water the trees we planted a couple of months ago a handful of times, primarily because Mother Nature has taken care of it for us.

Right now as another storm rages outside, I find myself a bit introspective.

When we lost power a few nights ago, it was out for almost three hours. It got hot and muggy in this house in a hurry. Not only do we take lights (and switches) for granted, but the ability to keep our house cool. To keep our food cold (or frozen). We have it so good.

The Birds

I’m still devastated from losing Alpha rooster last week to a hawk. He valiantly gave the ultimate sacrifice of his life while protecting everyone else’s. Beta rooster was the first to flee the scene because he is worthless. He has also taken to charging us relentlessly, now that Alpha Roo is gone.

We detest Beta, but we also need a rooster. Until he can be replaced (and he will be), we’ll have to get creative with dealing with him. I intend to pen him up and let him sire when we’re ready to incubate eggs.

The challenge is building a pen. And being motivated to compassionately care for him at all.

The challenges the bird drama presents are par for the course, however. The good news is we have protein every day in the form of eggs. And, once in a while, in the form of rooster soup. Ahem. We have it so good.

A Lesson From History

It got hot and muggy in our home when the power went out, but think of how hot and muggy it was the entire summer in the houses of the pioneers. Not only did they not have air conditioning, but they had no light switches, no indoor plumbing, no dishwashers, and no deep freezers.

When a storm rolled in over their homestead, they didn’t have cell phone alerts telling them exactly what to expect or a timeframe in which the storm would arrive.

Back in the day, if a rooster had to be culled, they didn’t have a fridge in the kitchen to keep leftovers cool. They didn’t even have inexpensive fly traps to hang around the chicken coop, to catch the thousands of flies that find their way across the prairie.

They cooked over a fire no matter how hot it was outside. Heating up a stew in a cast iron pot while temperatures soar to near 100 degrees sounds absolutely miserable.

We have it so good.

A Pioneer I am Not

I grow a garden, raise a flock, preserve my own food, and even cook with cast iron, but I am no pioneer. I enjoy and appreciate most modern conveniences.

One of my favorite books, Letters of a Woman Homesteader (Elinore Pruit Stewart), talks of daily life and challenges of the period as if they were no different from the inconvenience of needing our oil changed or a new lightbulb in the oven.

It’s incredible to read her recount her life because what we might describe as insurmountable challenges today, she dealt with as gracefully and competently as possible. I believe I would rather deal with oil changes and the cost of new tires to drive 20 minutes one way to do my shopping, than to hitch my team of horses up to my wagon and make the same trip in TWO DAYS, there and back.

We have it so good.

May I remind myself continuously of the blessing it is to live in this day. May God continue to pour his favor on our circumstances, and rescue us in our adversities.

We have it so good because He is good.

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