Week 6: Eating Our Hard Work

Sunday morning was cold and snowy, so I was thankful for a piping hot cup of coffee as we all gathered in the living room to take our time waking up before the morning got underway.

That morning (11/10) we had mufflettes again for breakfast. Six eggs whisked together and poured into muffin tins, sprinkled with chopped bacon and shredded cheese, then baked for 12 minutes at 350.

Lunch after church was hot dogs and leftover mac and cheese for the kids and leftover steak for Hubs and me. He scrambled a couple eggs to have with his steak, and I had mine atop a thick slice of homemade bread I had toasted. That’s an open-faced sandwich I could get used to.

For an afternoon snack, everyone except Little Man enjoyed a piece of apple pie I had baked the day before. I had baked three: two for the freezer (one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas) and one for us to enjoy presently.

Dinner was another chicken pot pie, but this one had a thicker sauce than the last one and the flavor was so much better. I served it up with the leftover mashed potatoes from Friday evening, and it was a delicious, toasty Sunday dinner.

Breakfast Monday was pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and yogurt along with more piping hot coffee for Mama. It was a freezing cold day with the north wind, and another busy day as well. I decided the muffin and yogurt wasn’t enough, so made up some eggs and bacon for us as well.

Lunch was grilled cheese sandwiches for all of us, and I was wishing I had some potato soup to go along with it. It’s too early in the season for temperatures to be THIS chilly!

Dinner had to be quick, since we had a brief window between activities. I made “hamburger surprise” which changes every time I make it, hence the name. This time it was cooked hamburger with shredded zucchini, taco seasoning, and shredded cheese. I served it with rice (which mixed well with it) and sliced pears.

Tuesday breakfast was eggs and bacon, and the last of the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.

Lunch was leftover pot pie and mashed potatoes for me, a PB&J for Little Man, and a grilled turkey and cheese for Little Miss.

Dinner was NOT tacos, and I will give you some time to recover from your shock. We had a pork roast with potatoes, cornbread, and beans. I soaked and cooked some of the hidatsa red beans we had grown that year, and they were the perfect addition to the meal.

Wednesday morning we finished off the package of bacon in the fridge and fried up fresh eggs. I drank an extra cup of coffee and set to work to clear the driveway from snow. Hubs had left for work extra early, but thankfully there wasn’t a ton of snow to clear.

Lunch more sandwiches for the kids and I was busy making tortillas for dinner and forgot to eat, believe it or not.

Dinner was tacos (what?!) using leftover shredded pork from the night before. Pork tacos? Carnitas? Porkchiladas? It was good, whatever we end up calling it. I used leftover beans from the previous night for mine, and I can’t believe I’m the only one in my family who loves beans. They’re so delicious!

We had shredded cheese, sour cream, and cracked open a jar of salsa verde. It was really so good. I hope we have another pork roast hiding in the freezer, because this is a meal I want to make again. And soon.

Thursday breakfast was pancakes from a gluten-free mix we had in the cupboard, from Aldi.

Lunch was a cheese/salami combo for me and Little Man, and a fried egg and toast for Little Miss.

Dinner was Jimmy Johns. Hubs and I had a board meeting where Jimmy Johns was the meeting food, and we had a separate order for the kiddos who ended up coming along with me because I can’t keep my calendar straight and forget to line up childcare when I need to do grownup things.

I had their new gourmet Frenchie, and it was basically a giant breadstick stuffed with salami and provolone cheese, which equates to amazing flavor. It probably was horrible for me, and my hands did swell up a little bit (usually over-glutenized products make my joints and face puffy), but overall it was good, and a welcomed break from cooking dinner.

Friday morning I slept in, and so did the littles. It was so nice, but also hectic, because we had to hustle to get ourselves ready for where we needed to be that morning. I made everyone eggs and bacon. At this point, we’ve got two packages of bacon in the freezer, and this one from the freezer that is now in the fridge. Bacon inventory is in critical condition right now.

Lunch was grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids, and a quesadilla using the last two homemade tortillas for me.

Dinner that night was a little different. I made salmon, sautéed zucchini, rice, and biscuits for the family, then I went to a restaurant in the town near where we live for a ladies night with some women from church.

I ordered a bacon cheeseburger and also asked for a side of aus jus to have with my fries – and old favorite back from my waitressing days. It was good, but I definitely see far more clearly how very beneficial it is to prepare and provide your own meals at home.

Making our own meals has made a big difference on our health, even if we only notice it when we eat something another facility has prepared for us. The general feeling of puffiness and ick makes it harder to justify the money spent, even in the name of “convenience”.

Saturday morning Hubs made scramble with everyone, and I fired up the coffee pot. It was the first day in ages we didn’t have anything on the calendar, and I was glad to have a day to do whatever we needed and wanted at home.


Dinner was a breakfast, really. We had quiche made with eggs (whipped with sour cream to make them fluffier and tangier), chopped bacon, diced bell pepper, and cheese. I popped open a jar of peaches for us to enjoy as well, and we had the leftover biscuits from the night before.

I had previously preserved some eggs in the freezer that needed to be used up, and the quiche was the perfect meal for them.

We’re definitely making a hefty dent in our freezer inventory, and the pantry cupboards are less full as well. This is exactly why we worked so hard to fill them, but somehow it’s still a little bittersweet to eat the food we spent so much time and energy putting up.

To know and understand, however, that we’ve been eating heartily for the last six weeks because of time and effort we put into growing, raising, and preserving a store of food – warms my heart.

Perhaps we took food for granted before, always trusting we could just pick up a can of this or a bag of that whenever we needed or wanted to. And while that may be the case, the fact that we’ve been so intentional about what we consume and why, and have eaten so well for our last 126 meals, has us respecting food and creation so much more.

To God be the glory, truly. The physical health of my family in this has been such a blessing, but the time together in appreciation of how He has provided for all of us for all time is invaluable.

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