Well Hello, Dolly

We’ve been keeping a secret for the last ten weeks. Funny, because I had prayed for a different result.

End of January, I had one of those… feelings. The head-to-toe sensation that overwhelms me when I know the Lord has something He wants to get through to me, or get to someone else through me.

“You’re supposed to have a dog.”

That’s what I heard. Felt? Heard? Knew. That’s what I knew.

Which is laughable, given my severe allergies to dogs, as the recent encounter with the loose corgi proved.

I prayed against getting a dog. I prayed I wouldn’t feel like we needed one. I prayed for another message.

“You’re supposed to have a dog.”

Finally, I went to Hubs and confessed what I had been trying to barter away for the last few weeks.

The minute I told Hubs what was going on, he started researching and looking for one. Hubs has wanted a dog since before we were married, but my allergies made it an impossible desire.

Then, he found a breeder of goldendoodles, back in our old stomping grounds near Fargo. He put in a deposit for a female puppy in the upcoming litter.

Saturday, February 27th, a litter of goldendoodles was born.

Hubs and I had second choice of the females of the litter, and as soon as I saw “yellow collar”, I knew she was the one for us. I prayed first choice wouldn’t pick her.

They didn’t.

Each week, we’d get pictures of Dolly (the name we chose for her) and see her growth and adorableness.

I had already decided to take a covert trip back to Fargo to visit Harlynn’s gravesite on what would have been her eighth birthday. That’s another post for another time, but it also happened to fall on the weekend Dolly would be six weeks old, and an introductory visit was in order.

Again, I’m very allergic to dogs. We’d visited a home where a goldendoodle was present, and I didn’t have a reaction, so we figured it would be safe.

For two-and-a-half hours while I had a lovely visit with the breeders in their home, I held Dolly in my lap while she snoozed and snuggled with me. I had no incidents.

When it was time for me to go, I walked into the garage to see Dolly with all her siblings. Seven pups in one location, goldendoodle or not, turned out to be unsafe for my allergies. Immediately my sinuses went into hyperdrive, and I started to get hives on my neck, and even my face.

BUT. I knew we were supposed to have a dog. I had just held her in my lap for 2 1/2 hours without incident. One puppy was fine. Seven puppies was too many.

The last weekend in April, Hubs drove up to Fargo on a mission to bring Dolly home. She was eight weeks old, and it was time to reveal the secret we’d been keeping for ten weeks. When he arrived back home and the kiddos saw him holding a ball of fluffy sweetness in his arms, it became a day I don’t think they’ll soon forget.

It turns out I’m not completely immune from allergic reactions, though what I have experienced is considerably subdued. My throat has been mildly irritated, and my nose has run a few times. This is also in combination with a high pollen count and general springtime allergies, so I think we’ll be alright!

We’ve lost sleep over the last several nights with her howling in protest from her kennel, we’ve had a few incidents of her going potty inside (so thankful we have wood and stone floors…), and we have lost a considerable amount of productivity from having to watch her like a hawk and not being able to go on about our day as usual.

But, we’re all very smitten over her. She is very much a part of our family and I have no doubt she was meant to be a part of our fur-ever home.

Well Hello, Dolly.

3 Replies to “Well Hello, Dolly”

  1. Oh my goodness!! Dolly is just the most adorable puppy. I hope your allergies stay at bay and your children don’t discover any unknown allergies of their own.
    Getting a puppy certainly is almost like adding a baby to the family for awhile. God had a plan and it looks like it will be a great addition for your family. Wow, exciting indeed. 🥰

  2. Oh. My. Goodness! She is adorable. I think Theo (Danette’s golden doodle) will approve of God’s work in your lives.

    Enjoy the adventure of having a puppy. I am certain many posts will follow that include her.

    And thinking of you around this 8th anniversary.

    With love from Guatemala.

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