When a Homesteader Goes On A Diet

It’s May 27th and I dug my wool socks out of the drawer this morning, put on my fleece-lined flannel, and am cozied up under a blanket.

It’s chilly, gray, and wet outside. I know this intimately, because when I took Dolly (our goldendoodle puppy) out to relieve herself, we were both pelted with morning mist that chilled nearly to the bone.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to sit and wrap myself up in a blanket not doing much else, however. Hubs and I started doing something a bit… drastic. We’re doing OMAD (which stands for One Meal a Day). Today is the official third consecutive day.

Day one, I kept thinking “Oh, I should have cheese and crackers,” or “Oh, I should grab some chocolate.” I then reminded myself I was only eating once that day. I was very hungry by 9:30 that first morning and devoured my meal when it was time to eat.

We’re eating midday, and having a dinner-type meal over the lunch hour. (If you’re like my father-in-law, that sentence may have been a little confusing. He thinks “dinner” IS the midday meal… so for those of you who may be like-minded I’ll phrase it special to your way of thinking: we have supper food for dinner.)

Day one we had pork chops (with scrambled eggs because 1. We’re overflowing with eggs and 2. I forgot to take the green beans out of the freezer).

Day two was chicken alfredo, but instead of using chicken, I used leftover pork chops. We had sweet kale salad as a side. Completely related: pork chop alfredo should be a thing. It’s delicious.

Weird thing: I got full before I finished my alfredo. But I forced myself to finish (counter intuitive to the purpose of OMAD, I know) because it’s my favorite and I couldn’t bear the thought of having any go to waste.

But day two, I never once thought, “Oh, I should have _insertfoodhere_” and I felt great. I noticed I was full of energy and my joints were not swollen or achy when I got out of bed (or at any point throughout the day).

Day three (today) since it’s so chilly and gray outside, I intend to make beef stew and cornbread muffins for our meal.

I’m hungry already, though. It’s around 9:00 am and I’m certainly ready to eat, but I guess it’s a good thing we’re having stew because I can’t imagine eating soup before midday. Just like I don’t understand people who eat burgers for breakfast. It’s too early for that kind of food.

Speaking of burgers, though, I’m definitely looking forward to grilling burgers on Memorial Day. You just can’t beat homemade burgers. I can almost taste them…

Hubs and I have decided that on the weekends, we’ll do intermittent fasting. We have to have our Saturday biscuits and gravy (obviously), and then we’ll have our dinner-for-lunch (or supper-for-dinner if you’re confused…. love you, Greg…) as well.

We’re hoping we slim down as a result of OMAD, but also we’re hoping to retrain our brains so we get away from the “I need to snack constantly” mindset. It turns out eating constantly causes you to rapidly gain excessive weight. Who knew?

And to answer before you ask, our children are eating three square meals each day, and snacking. They have regular breakfast, they eat the same midday meal as us, and then they have typical lunch foods for dinner.

Now that it’s summer time, they tend to play harder and not be as hungry or interested in eating toward evening, so this actually has been working out really well. When they had sandwiches and apple slices for lunch, they were starving by dinner. Having a full dinner meal midday, they’re more interested in a light meal later in the evening.

The comedic result of this (well, it’s probably only funny to me) is that our food stores will last a R E A L L Y long time if Hubs and I are only eating one meal a day. Consuming less over time means our shelves (and freezer) will stay fuller longer. My chocolate will last a lot longer, too…

But it’s a bit funny because as a homesteader, we make concerted efforts to grow and raise our own food. It’s a lot of work but it’s worthwhile. When you’re only eating once a day, though, it seems like it’s even more work.

Still worthwhile, though.

So, here’s to our pantry and our bellies staying full, while our waistlines and our grocery bills get smaller.

But wow, am I ever looking forward to those burgers…

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  1. Good for you getting your hubby in on your new food plan. Everything I am trying to diet I watch my hubby enjoy all the things I wish I could eat. Keep us informed. I’m intrigued for sure.

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